When Should I Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

For most people, hiring a lawyer is not something they consider on a daily basis. Nor should it be. Hiring an attorney is something you do when you need serious legal help. And often, that is exactly what you need after a car accident. 

At The Law Office of Stanislav Ladnik, we have a team of car accident lawyers who have over a decade of experience representing victims of car accidents and holding at-fault parties liable. Whether you are looking to hold another driver accountable for your serious injuries or just want to be treated fairly by your own insurance company, we can help. 

If You Have Been Injured

If you have been injured in a car accident, you will have expenses no matter how minor the accident. You may have been seen in the emergency room or admitted to the hospital to be treated for your injuries. You may be unable to work for a period of time until you are able to get better. Your car may have sustained damage and will need repairs. You may even be suffering from a catastrophic injury that can affect the rest of your life. 

If any of these apply to you, you could use a lawyer’s advice. Depending on the seriousness of your injuries, you may be entitled to compensation from the at-fault driver. Even what appears as a minor injury, such as whiplash, can become persistent and require ongoing medical care. 

Injuries from a car accident are not always immediately obvious. Consequently, an injured individual often underestimates what their expenses may be and fails to see the long-lasting potential costs and implications. 

Before You Trust the Insurance Company

While we all are taught to put our trust in insurance to have our backs after an accident, the insurance industry is highly profitable. And they maintain those profits by paying out as little as possible in benefits. 

You may find that you are getting the runaround from your own insurance company, downplaying injuries to mitigate their financial exposure. Conversely, you may have received a very low settlement offer without even knowing the extent of your damages. In either case, your insurance company may not be compensating you fairly for your injuries. This is when it is critical to have the assistance of a skilled car accident lawyer in New York City. At The Law Office of Stanislav Ladnik, we help you understand what you deserve and ensure that you get fairly compensated. 

Having a Lawyer on Your Side Increases Your Chances of Fair Compensation

Fact: Those who have legal representation recover larger settlements and compensation than those who don’t. Why? Because most people don’t realize what they are legally entitled to after a car accident. Studies have found that financial recoveries aided by a car accident lawyer are three to five times larger than those offered to individuals without representation. 

A car accident lawyer not only knows what you are entitled to as a victim but is also very familiar with tactics used by the insurance industry to get out of paying what you are entitled to. 

At The Law Office of Stanislav Laknik, our team of New York City car accident lawyers is well-versed in standing up to the insurance company, negotiating a fair settlement for our clients, and if a fair settlement isn’t possible through negotiation, we have extensive experience litigating these matters in court. 

Getting Serious Legal Advice

If you have been involved in a car accident, getting the advice of an experienced car accident attorney in New York City is important so you can understand your rights and options. At The Law Office of Stanislav Ladnik, we offer a no-cost consultation to discuss your case. And because we only work on contingency, you never pay unless we recover compensation on your behalf. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Contact us today. 


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